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Demystifying Alternative Investments

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Demystifying Alternative Investments - Wolfpack Wealth Management

It's Leyder "Aiden" Murillo, your friendly neighborhood Wealth Management advisor and the Managing Director of Wolfpack Wealth Management, coming to you with a fresh take on a hot topic - Alternative Investments. We will unpack what they are, why they matter, and how we at Wolfpack weave them into our diversified portfolio strategies to better serve our clients – whether you're a teacher, a young professional, a committed couple, or a small business owner. Buckle up, and let's demystify this vital aspect of wealth management!

Alternative Investments: The Road Less Traveled by the Average Investor

Alternative investments aren't your typical stocks, bonds, or cash – they're the trailblazers, the offbeat paths in the investment wilderness. Originating decades ago as the terrain of institutions and high-net-worth individuals, they now come in more accessible packages, opening doors for a broader spectrum of investors.

The Journey of Alternative Investments into the Mainstream

Once the playground of the rich and the institutional, alternative investments have evolved and opened to a broader audience. They've become more transparent, liquid, and publicly listed as they've grown. The draw? They offer diversification, access to niche strategies, alpha generation, downside risk protection, and low correlation to traditional investments.

The Significance of Correlation in Alternative Investments

Understanding correlation – the dance between asset classes under specific economic or market conditions – is critical. In traditional investments, think of stocks and bonds waltzing around the dance floor: when one moves up, the other often moves down. That's a correlation, and it's critical for portfolio diversification. But what happens when the dance partners start mirroring each other a bit too closely, as equities and bonds have in recent years? That's where alternative investments step in.

The Diversification Edge of Alternative Investments

Here's the authentic charm of alternative investments: they're not regular performers on the public exchange stage. Their illiquid nature makes them less correlated with stocks and bonds, offering diversification benefits and helping achieve other portfolio goals.

A Peek at Different Types of Alternative Investments

Alternative investments come in many shapes and sizes. Private equity, private debt, hedge funds, and tangible assets like real estate, infrastructure, and commodities are just a few examples.

The Ambition of Investing in Alternatives

Alternative investments do more than add diversity to your portfolio. They can help dampen volatility, provide higher returns or enhanced income, and allow for more customization based on your financial goals. Young professionals aiming for an early retirement or retirees seeking a steady income stream can all benefit.

Understanding the Illiquid Nature of Alternatives

These investment strategies often demand a longer-term commitment, meaning you need to consider how much of your portfolio can be tied up in long-term investing versus what needs to be readily accessible.

Your Takeaways

Alternative investments have journeyed from the exclusive halls of institutions into the reach of everyday investors. More accessible than ever, they can be instrumental in sculpting a portfolio strategy tailored to your financial goals. At Wolfpack Wealth, we're big believers in their potential and integrate them into our diversified portfolio strategies, providing accessible wealth management services locally in Denver, Los Angeles, and digitally nationwide. Because in the wild world of investments, it pays to have a diversified pack!


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