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Wealth Management Services

At Wolfpack Wealth Management, we offer unparalleled Financial Planning and Direct Investment Management solutions. Our meticulous monitoring and prompt adjustments ensure consistent financial growth and stability.

Ongoing Financial Planning

Our Wealth Management service provides a comprehensive solution that goes beyond investments. We carefully tailor your plan to align perfectly with your unique financial goals, ensuring maximum effectiveness.


Contact us today to schedule a complimentary Financial Assessment and take control of your financial future.

7-Step Financial Planning Process Wolfpack Wealth Management
A financial plan has multiple topics. A financial plan can be comprehensive depending on your financial situation. Wolfpack Wealth Management

Ongoing Investment Management Services​

Our Wealth Management service offers expert Direct Investment Management, ensuring that your portfolio is constantly monitored for opportunities and potential risks. We take proactive steps to manage your investments, ensuring that they align with your financial plan and risk tolerance while also delivering growth. With our service, you can feel confident in the management of your portfolio and the achievement of your financial goals.

Strategic Asset Allocation - Wolfpack Investment Management

Strategic Asset Allocation


We create a diversified portfolio of assets that is designed to maximize returns and minimize risk.


We  develops an asset allocation strategy based on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon.

Top-Down Focus Approach - Wolfpack Investment Management

Investment Selection


We use a disciplined investment process to select individual securities, mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment vehicles.


We carefully consider factors such as expense ratios, management charges, and liquidity to select investments that meet our rigorous standards.

Quantitative Analytics ​- Wolfpack Investment Management

Ongoing Monitoring


We continuously monitor markets and provide adjustments as needed to keep it aligned with your investment objectives.


We keep you informed about market trends, economic events, and other factors that could impact your investment portfolio.

Diversification - Wolfpack Investment Management



Diversification increases returns while decreasing risk.

Portfolios with different asset classes such as cash, stocks, bonds, international exposures and alternatives have a much better opportunity for a positive return.

Wealth Management Pricing


At Wolfpack, our pricing for Wealth Management Services is designed with flexibility in mind, catering to various financial needs.

Our advisory cost is determined using a tiered arrears payment structure. It is calculated by applying a flat charge or percentage rate based on predefined asset levels. This is applied to the daily average Assets Under Management (AUM), ensuring that you receive the best value and service appropriate for your level of investment.

AUM Charge: $2,500 ($625 Quarterly); 0.45% - 0.95%

Annual Charge
$0 - $250K
$250K - $2.5M
$2.5M - $5M
$5M - $10M
$10M - $25M
$25M - $50M
$50M - $100M

(K = Thousand)

(M = Million)

For example, for assets under management of $2,560,00, a client would pay 0.75%.

The following calculation determines the quarterly charge:

  • Average daily balance of the client's account(s) over the previous quarter: $2,550,000

    • Calculation: (0.75% ÷ 4) x $2,550,000 = $4,781.25​

Wealth Management Process

Step 1: Complimentary Assessment

This 30-minute meeting lets us ensure your situation matches our knowledge and experience.

Ready to move forward?

We encourage you to reach out to us for a Free Financial Assessment.

Step 2: Access to Financial Planning Software

You will gain access to our financial planning software, which will assist in getting a high-level overview as well as help with your complimentary assessment.


The information provided will further help tailor the 1-hour strategy meeting in step 4 as we work together to gain more knowledge of your situation.

We will require details such as but not limited to:

  • Pay Stubs

  • Investment Accounts

  • Retirement (Pension) Account Statements

  • Bank Statements

  • Tax Returns

  • Credit Card Statements

  • Any pertinent information

The more information you provide, the better to tailor your personalized financial plan.

Step 3: Complete the Investor Risk Profile

You will fill out the Investor Risk Profile that will ask you questions regarding your risk tolerance, time horizon, and any limitations. The information will help tailor our strategy meeting (step 5) as we work together to gain more knowledge of your situation. This will also help with your personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Step 4: Sign Agreements & Custodian Paperwork

You will sign the wealth management agreements, allowing us to begin working on your personalized financial plan and Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Also, any paperwork that is needed with the custodian shall be signed.

Step 5: Strategy Meeting

Just like when you go to a doctor to diagnose an issue, they prescribe a solution after they know your situation. We do the same when it comes to your financial situation.

We use the information from the financial planning software, information from the financial assessment meeting, Investor Risk Profile, as well as any communicated information, as it will help tailor this 1-hour strategy meeting as we work together to gain more knowledge of your situation.

We will dig deeper into your goals, needs, and any concerns you may have.

Step 6: Developing Your Financial Plan

We will work with you to develop your customized financial plan with the information that you provided and the goals that you seek. We will use our experience and industry knowledge to construct a plan that will allow you to understand your financial situation. Also, to ensure you know there is a solution to feel financially secure today and throughout all your life stages and beyond.

Step 7: Developing Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Based on the risk tolerance score, the IPS is a written plan that provides direction and guidance for your customized portfolio that is optimized to meet your investment goals and objectives. We create a diversified portfolio with ideal weights and distribution between cash, stocks, bonds, international exposure, and alternatives.

Step 8: Sign The Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Once client approved, we begin to invest your funds based on the IPS. The objective is to achieve the benefits of diversification to minimize risk.

Step 9: Delivery & Implementing of Financial Plan

We will provide recommendations for your financial situation by delivering you your customized financial plan.

We provide a "One Sheeter Summary" with our recommendations and action items.


Step 10: Ongoing Monitoring of Financial Plan

We will provide ongoing monitoring, modify your financial plan, and provide recommendations for the financial situation of your customized financial plan.

Step 11: Check-in Progress Review

After becoming a client, we hold review meetings to discuss progress and any new significant changes to your goals, objectives, constraints, or circumstances.

We will also reach out to our clients to reevaluate goals, decisions, and upcoming life events.

You are no longer alone!

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