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Business Retirement Plan Consulting Services​

If you're looking for co-fiduciary advisory services for your employee benefit plans, we're here to help. As a 3(21) Investment Advisor, we offer expert guidance in fund selection, monitoring, and employee education.


Our annual plan expenses cover all necessary investment advisory services, while custodian fees can either be paid directly by the plan sponsor or deducted from the plan assets.


So why wait? Contact us today for a complimentary Financial Assessment and take the first step towards a more secure financial future.

Business Retirement Plan Consulting Services Pricing

Our advisory cost is based on a tiered, arrears payment structure. It is calculated by applying a flat charge or percentage rate based on predefined levels of assets, as shown in the chart below, to the assets under management (AUM) account value as of the last day of the previous quarter.


To accommodate start-up employee benefit plans, we will charge a minimum of $750 per quarter ($3,000 annually), paid directly by the plan sponsor, until assets reach a total balance of $500,000. At this point, the advisory charge will revert to the schedule below. We will be compensated based on the value of plan assets, not exceeding 2% of the total plan assets.

AUM Charge: $3,000 ($750 Quarterly); 0.40% - 0.60%

Annual Charge
$500K - $1M
$0 - $500K
$1M - $5M
Over $5M

(K = Thousand)

(M = Million)

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