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Business Retirement Plan Consulting Services​

We offer services for business clients who would like our advisory services as a 3(21) Investment Advisor in a co-fiduciary capacity for employee benefit plans.


The annual plan expenses related to investment advisory services (e.g., fund selection, monitoring, and employee education). This does not include fees to other parties, such as Recordkeepers, Custodians, or Third Party-Administrators. Fees for this service are either paid directly by the plan sponsor or deducted directly from the plan assets by the Custodian.



Business Retirement Plan Consulting Services​ Pricing

Our advisory fee is a tiered fee, paid in arrears, calculated by assessing the percentage rates using the predefined levels of assets as shown in the below chart and applying the fee to the assets under management (AUM) account value as of the last day of the previous quarter.

To accommodate start-up employee benefit plans, we will charge a minimum flat fee of $750 per quarter ($3,000 annually), paid directly by the plan sponsor, until assets reach a total balance of $500,000, which, at that point, the fees revert to the below schedule. We will be compensated according to plan assets' value not exceeding 1% of total plan assets.

AUM Fees $3,000; 0.40% - 0.60%

Annual Fee
$0 - $500K
$500K - $1MM
$1MM - $1MM
Over $5MM
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