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Wolfpack Investment Management - Leyder "Aiden" Murillo - Bio and About

Leyder "Aiden" Murillo, MBA

Founder & Managing Director


Bachelor of Science, in Business Administration: Management, California State University Los Angeles

Master of Business Administration in Finance, Pepperdine University

Industry Start Year: 2013

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Wolfpack Investment Management - Fee-Only Financial Advisor - Los Angeles - Leyder "Aiden" Murillo

Immerse yourself in the unique financial journey led by Leyder Murillo, or as he prefers, Aiden. Stepping into the world of finance in 2013, his fascination with financial markets had been sparked when he was just 17. Aiden dove headfirst into investing by the time he was 18, fueling his desire to assist others in navigating the complexity of financial markets.

Known as your friendly neighborhood wealth management advisor, Aiden wholeheartedly empowers clients to achieve their financial objectives. Having witnessed individuals struggling to understand market mechanisms and the intricacies of finance, Aiden felt a compelling need to guide them through this labyrinth.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the financial world, Aiden finds joy in life's simpler pleasures. He cherishes spending quality time with his family, friends, and his rescue dog, Teddy. His exploratory nature sees him globetrotting, with a soft spot for sports, ardently supporting the Dodgers, Lakers, and Kings teams. Aiden also leads the "CA to CO Transplant" Meetup group, nurturing a community spirit.


Bilingual in English and Spanish, Aiden continues his linguistic journey by learning Russian and Swedish, reflecting his global outlook.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

- Benjamin Franklin

Leyder "Aiden" Murillo Wolfpack Wealth Management


Seljalandsfoss, Iceland - September 2021

Teddy Wolfpack Wealth Management


Teddy: July 2021

What are five interesting facts about you?

During my undergraduate studies, I was a Technology Paraprofessional (teacher's aide) at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).


I studied abroad at the University of Oxford while attending Pepperdine University's MBA program.


My nickname, Aiden, was the Starbucks name one of my sisters gave me because they kept misspelling Leyder on the cups.


I enjoy traveling and discovering new places. I have circled the globe multiple times based on miles.

I am a notary public for the state of Colorado.

Why did you create Wolfpack Wealth Management?

While working within the industry, I noticed that many firms created income requirements and minimum investable asset requirements. I saw a massive void in the industry for people who did not meet such steep requirements and needed access to financial advice.


Also, I believe everyone needs a "financial wolfpack" because, let's face it, finances can be confusing, and therefore, people need to feel that they are not alone while they reach their financial goals. Completing my MBA in Finance from Pepperdine University gave me the entrepreneurial skills and the necessary finance tools. I am passionate about helping my clients understand their finances and reach their financial goals.

Did you know Wolfpack Wealth Management has a partnership with Pepperdine Athletics?

What is the past experience that helps you in your position?

Since beginning my finance advisory career in 2013, I have helped clients build wealth while also making sure their families are protected from uncertainty. I've also worked with high-net-worth clients, institutional clients, and foundations with their unique financial complexities and financial goals.

What is the common thing in the industry that potential clients face that you want to fix?


There's a broad misconception that having a financial advisor is only for the ultra-wealthy. It is not true, finance is universal, and everyone is unique in their financial life and goals.


One of my firm's core values is equality, which means everyone who needs access to financial advice should receive it regardless of net worth, income, or any other form of denying someone equal treatment.

What's your Archetype?

What is your background?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. My parents came from Mexico as immigrants with practically nothing. They managed to make ends meet. My father was a savvy saver and eventually began buying real estate properties to rent out. My parents refused to give up, along with their hard work and appreciation for what they had allowed them to raise my two older sisters and me. 

My parents strictly emphasized the value of education and appreciation for whatever job capacity we would choose. This upbringing allowed me to be curious about financial markets and value the education that I gained. It also allowed me to work in different capacities, assisting families/clients in reaching their financial goals, and understanding their unique financial complexities. It has now translated to opening my financial advisory firm.

How do you emphasize Wolfpack Wealth Management's mission statement?

As a famous quote says, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." I chose to follow a job that I am passionate about. I remind my clients to focus on what they are most passionate about, whether it is their career or anything they enjoy doing. By doing this, it translates to their greater success while not stressing about finances.

What type of client do you work with?​

Although we value not having any financial requirements or account minimums, we gladly like to work with athletes (including student-athletes), educators, married couples, young professionals, and business owners.

I have a connection with educators. My sister is an Administrator for Montebello Unified School District. I also worked as a teacher's aide during my university days. Therefore, I understand a teacher's personal and professional struggles. Working with a few who have become clients, I've noticed that their financial life is unique and complex, especially when dealing with retirement, investing for the first time, and putting their children through college.

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What are your top three favorite Books/Movies?

The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

A Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

Animal Farm - George Orwell

The Night in Lisbon: A Novel - Erich Maria

What do you enjoy doing when you are not helping clients?

I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and dog, Teddy (a rescue dog). I love traveling around the world and exploring new places.

I am a big Dodgers, Lakers & and Kings fan - just like my dad was.

I am also the organizer of the CA to CO Transplant Meetup group. I host networking events.

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