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Wolfpack Wealth Management is partnered with Pepperdine Athletics.

Wolfpack Wealth Management & Pepperdine Athletics:
Elevating the Financial Game Together

Welcome to the intersection of Pepperdine's passion and financial expertise. In partnership with Pepperdine Athletics, Wolfpack Wealth supports the Pepperdine family, from the most ardent Wave fans to the rising athletic stars.


Our belief echoes in every action: "Building wealth is EASIER with the support of the pack."

Why Wolfpack Wealth Management?

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Wealth Management Advisor: Leyder "Aiden" Murillo, affectionately known by his moniker, isn't just an experienced professional; he's an approachable guide in the financial realm. With an MBA in Finance from Pepperdine, class of 2018, Aiden is both the brain and the heart behind Wolfpack Wealth Management's vision. His calling? Elevate every individual seeking financial clarity. Aiden is also a professional service provider (PSP) for Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) according to NCAA rules. Therefore, if you are a student-athlete getting NIL deals, connecting with a PSP is a win for you! Discover more about Leyder "Aiden" Murillo's story.

  • Accessible Everywhere: From Malibu's serene beaches, Los Angeles's urban sprawl, Denver's bustling streets, or anywhere nationwide via our robust digital platform, Wolfpack Wealth Management is committed to delivering unparalleled Wealth Management.

  • Transparent Pricing: Authenticity is a cornerstone of our operations. Explore our Services Menu for transparent pricing and feel the Wolfpack difference.

  • Live by Values: We go beyond dollars and cents. Delve into the ethos that drives our every decision. Immerse in our values.

Our Services: Your Financial Playbook

  • Wealth Management: Melding Direct Investment Management with Financial Planning, we architect a prosperous tomorrow.

  • Financial Planning: Navigate the waters of finance with a steady hand guiding your sail.

  • Direct Investment Management: Entrust us with your assets; we cultivate growth and stability.

  • Held-Away Account Services: Every financial vessel has potential; let us steer them all to success.

  • Business Retirement Consulting: Future-proof your business's retirement strategies with our expertise.

Beyond the Ledger: Our Pledge to the Pepperdine Family

Together with Pepperdine Athletics, we're not just advisors but mentors. We're scripting success stories by fostering financial literacy among young student-athletes and tailoring strategies for their families. At Wolfpack, every page turned is a step towards a radiant financial horizon.

Understanding and knowing financial terms is paramount for making better informed financial decisions. Dive deeper into various financial topics with our upcoming financial webinars and seminars. Expand your knowledge, make more informed decisions, and take control of your financial future. 

Deep Dive Into Financial Solutions

Explore real-world strategies and successes that have transformed financial narratives. Our Solutions and Case Studies page offers a panoramic view of how we make a difference.

Stay Ahead with Money Howl

Dive into the latest financial insights and trends with the Money Howl blog. Empower your financial acumen one post at a time.

Champion Your Finances

The next chapter of your financial tale awaits. Secure your complimentary Financial Assessment and be the protagonist of your wealth story.

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