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Wolfpack Investment Management - Solutions To Challenging Finances

Are these some of the current

challenges of managing your finances?

  • Should I pay off debt or invest?

  • How can I save or invest based on my personal goals?

  • Will I be able to enjoy life when I am older, or will retirement be at a later age?

  • Can I buy a home or should I keep renting? 

  • How much free cash flow will a real estate investment property​ bring me?

  • If I leave my company, what are my options for my retirement account or my employee stock options?

  • Is it possible to save more as a business owner/1099 contractor?

  • When should I start thinking about estate planning?

We create a tailored financial plan solution based on your unique financial situation.

We understand that perhaps these may not be some of the questions you have and are perhaps different. We know that managing your finances can be confusing. We have been in your shoes. There is no need to worry anymore as you do not have to tackle this alone. We are here to provide you step by step guidance throughout the process and aim to make it as fun and enjoyable as much as possible.


Although we cannot answer the questions on our website as each financial situation differs, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free assessment.

Explore some examples you may have (again, these are not all possible scenarios) and the solution we would recommend.



You are new to investing, or you have been managing your own portfolio and now you seek further guidance to help your money grow.


Investment Management

Accomplish your investment objectives with a customized portfolio that is tailored to your unique risk profile.



You just started a new job. You want to have fun but also make sure you don't make wrong mistakes that affect you in the long run. You don't require monthly accountability.


Financial Plan Creation

We will look at your short and long term financial goals to make sure that you achieve everything in between and beyond.



You are married. You and your partner are beginning to think about having children. But have no idea if you can afford it while the cost of sending your child to college scares you.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

We will analyze your current cash flow, debt levels and investments to accomplish your current goals but any future goals for your children.



You want to supplement your income. You are looking to purchase a property to rent out. You require assistance with valuing a property's cash flows not to overpay. You can follow through on a plan.


Hourly Financial Plan

We will examine your current financial situation and analyze whether owning property makes sense. We will evaluate the property's cash flow to give an estimate price.

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