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Financial Planning for Married Couples: Tips for Combining Finances + Free Checklist Included

Updated: Mar 13

The link to our FREE "What You Should Consider When Getting Married in 2023"checklist is at the end of the article!

Financial planning is essential for married couples. One of the leading causes for divorce is financial issues. However, combining finances can be challenging, especially for couples who are just starting or have been together for a long time. This article will provide tips and critical examples to help married couples effectively combine their finances and avoid common financial fights.

One of the most important things to consider when combining finances is setting clear financial goals. This can include short-term goals, such as saving for a vacation or a down payment on a house, and long-term goals, such as saving for retirement. Understanding these goals will help couples prioritize their spending and saving decisions.

Another critical step is to create a budget. This can help couples identify areas where they are overspending and adjust accordingly. Establishing a system for managing and tracking expenses is also essential, such as using a budgeting app, having a financial plan with cash flow management (aka budgeting), or setting up a joint account for shared expenses. A joint account can be a fantastic way to manage shared expenses, like rent or mortgage payments, groceries, and utilities. However, it is also important to maintain separate accounts for your personal expenses.

It is also vital for couples to have open and honest communication about their finances. This includes discussing income, expenses, debts, and credit scores. By being transparent about their finances, couples can collaborate to make informed financial decisions and avoid financial fights.

Additionally, couples must establish a plan for handling unexpected expenses or financial emergencies. This can include setting up an emergency fund or creating a plan to manage unexpected expenses.

At Wolfpack Wealth Management, we understand the unique challenges married couples face regarding financial planning. That's why we provide accessible wealth management services to married couples in Los Angeles, California, Denver, Colorado, and its surrounding areas – even nationwide. In addition, we can work with you to create a personalized financial plan that fits your needs and goals.

Don't let finances cause fights in your marriage. Instead, reach out today to schedule a free financial assessment and plan a financially stable future together.

P.S.: We assist married couples in Los Angeles, California & Denver, Colorado, surrounding areas, and nationwide too, so if you're a married couple in these areas and looking for financial planning guidance, we're here to help!


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What You Should Consider When Getting Married in 2023 Checklist


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