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Held-Away Account Services

At Wolfpack Wealth Management,  we provide a solution for managing externally held assets. In addition, we provide strategic oversight for these assets, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your overall financial objectives. With our expertise, your investments, wherever they're held, can be optimized to align with your financial goals.


Held-Away Account Services​ Pricing

If you have investments held at another financial institution or want final discretion. In that case, we provide advisory services through our Held-Away Services (indirect portfolio management). In addition, we provide analysis and recommendations, especially if limited funds are available, for example, in 401(k)'s, for your Held-Away assets to ensure they align with your overall investment strategy and goals.


Our advisory fee is a tiered fee, paid in arrears. It is calculated by assessing the percentage rates using the predefined levels of assets shown in the below chart and applying the fee to the assets under management (AUM) as of the last day of the previous quarter.

AUM Fee 0.25% - 0.45%

Annual Fee
$0 - $2.5MM
$2.5MM - $5MM
Over $5MM
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