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Image by Daniel Eliashevskyi

Case Studies

Delayne: Debt Management and Cash Flow Planning for a Health and Travel Enthusiast

Primary Goal: Gain control of her finances by managing her debt and cash flow and creating a budget. Delayne wanted to feel more secure and have peace of mind regarding her finances while still being able to pursue her passions for health and fitness, and travel.

Mark: The Educator Who Wants to Retire Early to Enjoy Hiking & Camping

Primary Goal: As a novice investor he'd like to generate passive income, create wealth, and save for retirement so that he can retire sooner rather than later and continue enjoying his passion for camping and hiking.

Sarah & Jake: A Couple with a Passion for Travel and a Drive to Build Wealth

Primary Goal: Novice investors who want to create wealth, save for retirement, and have enough for their passion for travel while focusing on their careers and providing for their future family.

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